Capturing the visual impression of the moment

My passion is painting, and I travel a great deal throughout Australia and Europe. Inspiration lies in every city street, every outback landscape. I love the vivacity of colour and the enchanting qualities of light. What my eyes see excites me, and I want to share that feeling with the viewer of my work.





Dreamstate is a collection of ideas stemming from my dreams and “daydreams” experienced while in the Aude region in the South of France earlier this year.
I have painted the kind of oddities and impossibilities that filled my subconscious mind.

  • Night skies over a sunny landscape.
  • Impossible colour combinations as in Neon Gothic, St Felix-Mystique and Medieval Garden.
  • Pierrot the slightly melancholic but “hopeful” clown wandering the streets of the medieval villages.
  • Dogs and cats falling from the sky…even more improbable as my subject matter “Gerry” (a gangly pup living in France) encountering “Ally” our indoor studio cat here in Perth.
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